Firm Overview & Practice Areas

Firm Overview

A career in national security is one of the most challenging and valuable opportunities in our nation today. Few law firms exist, however, that are willing, much less dedicated, to challenge the authority that controls this complex dark world. We have built an international reputation as being among the best of those firms.

For over two decades, Mark S. Zaid, Esq. has fought to guarantee the rights of former, current, and prospective civilian federal employees, defense contractors, members of our active duty and reserve military, and journalists, particularly when they are threatened by the overshadowing spectre of national security. His representation has ranged from high-profile Members of Congress to covert CIA operations officers whose names will never be revealed, from politically controversial cases to stealth efforts to obtain historic records. Using a variety of tools—including the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches, as well as the media—Mr. Zaid and his law firm have helped clients navigate the shadow world of national security, First Amendment, federal employment, and administrative law. Joining Mr. Zaid is a team of first-rate attorneys with unique backgrounds, insight, and skills.

The Government will always employ a team of lawyers to protect its interests and is guaranteed to be a formidable opponent. There is no reason why the same cannot be said for you. Mark S. Zaid, P.C. can help put you on equal footing and ensure your interests and rights are fully protected.

To communicate with Mr. Zaid securely, please follow the instructions at, or access anonymously with Tor browser at wbaidlaw6quwv7h3.onion.

Practice Areas

  • Security Clearance Issues (SF86 guidance, Revocations, Denials, Suspensions)
  • First Amendment Prepublication Review (Administrative, Litigation, Classification Review Guidance)
  • Federal Personnel Actions (Administrative, Litigation)
  • Constitutional Challenges (First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth)
  • Office of Inspector General Investigations (Filing and Defending Complaints, Witness Representation)
  • Freedom of Information Act (Administrative, Litigation)
  • Privacy Act of 1974 (Administrative, Litigation)
  • Whistleblowing Complaints (Administrative, Litigation)
  • Merit Systems Protection Board (Litigation)
  • Foreign Sovereign Immunity (Litigation)
  • Diplomatic Immunity (Litigation)

Mark S. Zaid, P.C.

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