Security Clearance Decisions Before Defense Office of Hearings & Appeals

Attorneys in the firm regularly appear before the Department of Defense Office of Hearings & Appeals (DOHA), as well as all federal agencies, to handle security clearance denial and revocation proceedings, no matter what the subject matter might be. The firm has a proven track record and particular expertise in this area.

Though the firm’s attorneys have handled in excess of 100 cases throughout the federal government, only DOHA and the Department of Energy publish their clearance decisions. Some of the firm’s DOHA case decisions are listed below.

Case Files

ISCR Case No. 07-18520 (September 17, 2008)(Guideline F)

ISCR Case No. 07-13052 (July 24, 2008)(Guidelines B & C)

ISCR Case No. 06-25573 (January 28, 2008)

ISCR Case No. 04-10276 (October 31, 2006)(Guidelines B & C)

ISCR Case No. 03-17620 (May 15, 2006)(Guidelines B & E)

ISCR Case No. 02-24228 (January 26, 2006)(Guidelines E & J)

ISCR Case No. 03-16810 (April 11, 2005)(Guideline D)

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